Robotics 1
Digital Sensors
This video gives an introduction to sensors and the topics that will be covered in this and the next module covering digital and analog sensors.
In this video, you will be introduced to a few different kinds of switches, and will learn how to read a switch with the PSoC.
In this video, you will learn how a hall quadrature encoder works by wiring it up and reading it with the PSoC.  Then, we will look at a couple of other types or categories of encoders.
To complete this lab activity, make a video that includes the following in one video:

(1) You saying your name
(2) Your LCD screen showing 'on' when you press a button
(3) Your LCD screen counting up and down when you rotate the encoder disk in the positive and negative directions, respectively

Graduate students also have to show:
(4) The LCD screen displaying the numbers pressed on the keypad
In this video, you will learn how a matrix keypad works, and how to write PSoC code to read the values pressed by a user.
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